Privacy Policy
This company acknowledges that protecting its customer's privacy and private information (hereinafter referred to as "private information") is part of its social responsibility and has stipulated a private information protection policy to properly handle and protect private information.

◆Definition of private information
Private information handled by this company refers to customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, dates of birth and other identifiable information provided when customers use our accommodation and other facilities or services.
◆Notifying the purpose of use and prohibiting unintended uses
This company notifies its customers of the purpose of using their private information before obtaining such information from them and uses it for the intended purpose only.
◆Proper management
This company stipulates regulations regarding the handling of private information to ensure its proper management.
◆Employee education
This company regularly provides its employees with educational sessions to ensure the proper handling of personal information.
◆Contractor management
We properly manage our contractors when outsourcing the handling of personal information.
◆Observation of laws and regulations
Regarding the handling of personal information, this company abides by laws, guidelines, etc. concerning the protection of personal information.
This company may revise its personal information policy to improve the handling of personal information.

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